10 commandments college dating

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They’re very much things I’m not really into, personally.The scene is great for discussions around safe sex and stuff, but not so much if you’re not really into sex.” It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single gay woman in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.If you are not aware of any active rumors claiming you and one of your closest friends are together, start asking. With such a small pool, it’s not surprising that many students— particularly queer students, who constantly have to figure out whether their crush is straight— end up on apps, mainly Tinder and Grindr.That’s how I know a surprising number of classmates I believed were straight are bi or pansexual.“It’s different to want to hook up and to want a relationship, but there’s so few options you end up getting confused.You do end up making mistakes and hooking up with people you’re not really into and then regretting it, and sometimes someone gets hurt,” says Peters.And the 1-in-6 stat about finding your future spouse be damned— this school is not known for encouraging budding romances.How does this work out for LGBTQ students, a small group in an already tiny school?

For queer students, there can be a strong pressure to hook up, leading to impulsive and ultimately- probably unwise decisions.Hence the necessity of the Sixth Commandment: I don’t care if you recognize them from Tinder and think they look better in person, you do not use “I matched with you! Of course, there is the option of looking at people outside the Swarthmore bubble.I’ve caught myself daydreaming about meeting a nice Bryn Mawr girl so often.Imagine, if you will, a bright-eyed freshman arriving at Swarthmore, hoping to find a beautiful gay utopia where everyone who was a lonely queer kid in high school will find love and be swept away on a beautiful rainbow unicorn.Now imagine, 1.5 years later, that innocent child is hunched over a table in Kohlberg, venting her angst about queer dating at Swat while occasionally casting a jaded eye at Tinder.

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