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In addition to this we'll continue looking for feedback and tweaking game balance throughout all of these updates.

This is normally where we'd say 'that's about it' - but knowing us and our community, we can pretty honestly say that things will change.

If all players have exactly the same Rank Score, the numbers work out to be about the same as the fixed schedule used at lower ranks.

To give you an idea of how rank disparity in the match can shift the amount gained or lost, here are some examples where an outlier is significantly higher or lower than all other players in the match (who, in these examples, all have the same Rank Score).

We're using the standard Elo formula with K=3 and all the Rank Scores multiplied by 10.

The formula iswhere R is your rank, Rᵢ is the rank of each relevant opponent, S is the number of relevant opponents eliminated earlier than you, and ΔR is the rank change.

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In the next week or two we'll be introducing a new game mode we've been calling Duos (well we've actually been calling it Battle Buddies, but Duos seems a bit more professional).

Duos is a new way to play Underlords cooperatively with a friend - just party up and battle against 3 other teams. We're also going to introduce Underlords to the game in a few weeks.

The team is really excited about this feature - these Underlords are a core part of the game and we think they will add a layer of fun and strategy to every match.

Lastly, we'll soon be introducing new heroes and alliances, expanding the roster and creating new and interesting ways to play Underlords.

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