40 year old virgin speed dating actress

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He goes to one of those dating round-robins where a buzzer goes off and you switch tables, giving the movie an opportunity to assemble a little anthology of pickup cliches. She runs a store across the mall, where you can take in your stuff and she'll sell it on e Bay.

Andy knows right away that he really likes her, but he's paralyzed by shyness and fear, and the way she coaxes him into asking her out is written so well it could be in a more serious movie.

His strategy for dealing with life is to surround himself with obsessions, including action figures, video games, high-tech equipment, and "collectibles," a word which, like "drinkable," never sounds like a glowing endorsement.

Andy is one of those guys whose life is a workaround.

The one who plays, as she puts it, “the ‘Mistress of the Elves’…though perhaps that’s a little more sexual than I should imply.“ And while this fact alone could fill you with enough childlike wonderment to last the New Year, know this: In real life, Banks is at least as much of a go-getter as her role as Santa’s overachieving helper implies.

As you talk with her, she tells you some things—that she graduated from Penn, that you should have gone with Maroney over Tomlinson on your fantasy squad, that she’s just wrapped a movie in which she stars opposite one of her comedy idols, Eddie Murphy (it’s called , when she couldn’t stop sucking Paul Rudd’s face—have been just like that one.

The movie approaches the subject of homosexuality without the usual gay-bashing, in a scene where the guys trade one-liners beginning "I know you're gay because" and their reasons show more insight than prejudice.It's not merely that Andy Stitzer rides his bike to work, it's that he signals his turns.Andy (Steve Carell) is indeed 40 and a virgin, after early defeats in the gender wars turned him into a non-combatant.What makes Banks so memorable in these parts is her unbridled animal aggression; her screwball antics go beyond hilarious to sublimely ridiculous.“In comedy right now, I find they like their women loose,“ she says. And to pull it off, you just have to be game for it—you have to not be worried about looking bad.“Lesson 2: Banks grew up in western Massachusetts, which makes her a Sox-and-Pats girl.

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