Acceleration dating clinical trial

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Jason Flick, a veteran Ottawa entrepreneur who founded multiple successful startups, recently closed million in growth capital for You.i TV, his latest venture.

A proud global citizen, Alex Peh led the market development and mobile for Pay Pal and was instrumental to its growth in Canada.

With eight exits under his belt, Chris has the title of Co-Founder & General Partner of Wasabi Ventures.

He knows speed and how it can serve as an advantage.

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Isa Watson chose the entrepreneurial path from her executive positions with two of the world’s largest multinationals, JPMorgan Chase and Pfizer.And Matt Mickiewicz, a serial entrepreneur since the age of 14, has facilitated the sale of more than 0 million in assets, for one of his startups alone.Learn the unique strategies for scaling your business in Canada from founders who have done it before.Are you seeking actionable information you can put to work in your business? Whether you are launching, ramping, or scaling, Accelerate OTT has you covered!In two decades Michael Weider has built three software companies in Ottawa. All acquired by tech giants (ever heard of Akamai or IBM?

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