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The groups of people eligible for income support has been squeezed in recent years with the introduction of employment and support allowance and the lone-parent changes, but refugees who are learning English in order to find employment remain an eligible category.2Until recently, it was rare to find someone who met the criteria, as the course must start within the first year of coming to the UK and the average time taken for an asylum decision was far longer.3Decisions are now being made more quickly, however, and although the majority are negative, it is possible to find someone granted refugee status within a year of arrival in the UK.If the refugee can find a suitable course learning English for more than 15 hours a week, s/he is entitled to income support for up to nine months while attending the course.Note that the abolition of backdating rules only applies to adults, and separate provisions relating to benefits for children were not revoked (see below).The Geneva Convention provides that refugees must be treated in the same way as nationals in relation to public relief and social assistance.4The reason for the backdating provision was that someone is legally a refugee from the date that they meet the criteria in the Convention, no matter how long it takes for the Government to recognise this fact.5This interpretation is supported by European Council Directive 2004/83/EC, which is based on the 'full and inclusive application of the Geneva Convention'.Submit your claim as soon as possible even if you can't provide the required evidence, as this can be submitted later.

Learning English should be considered a reasonable step to 'actively seek' work and the need for a suitable course should be stated in the jobseeker's agreement.The amount of asylum support for adults over 25 was cut from October 2009 to a little over £5 a day, a reduction from 70% to 55% of the IS rate.It is difficult to see how this could constitute the same level of social assistance available to UK nationals and it may be possible to challenge the refusal of backdating of income support for refugees on this basis.People fleeing their home country and applying for protection (or asylum) in the UK are generally excluded from claiming most benefits (asylum seekers are 'persons subject to immigration control' in the benefit rules).They instead have to rely on Home Office support which is provided at a level less than the minimum the law allows anyone else to live on.

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