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Cohen and Cooper will bring their friendship to CNN annual New Year’s eve show.

The event, which has developed a cult following, was originally hosted by Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

To care far more deeply about the surface of the poem, determined to grasp its materiality, how it makes use of words whatever its issue, if it has one at all, and how it creates surprise, how it provokes questions regarding the meaning of meaning, is now indicative of what an old codger one has become. Emma Hammond, for instance, whose (Penned in the Margins).

Her poetry satirises the sentiments and issues that preoccupy many of her contemporaries, and she manages this by an adept use of language, by seeking experimental forms that make use of up-to-date expressions, buzz-words and celebrity jargon.

The words are jammed together, the expressions torn apart, the buzz-words appear with their meanings altered.

Hugo Williams has encountered her work and says of it: There is something about the imaginative control exercised by Hammond, coupled with metaphorical daring, that makes you read on.

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Characters speak in riddles or behave like ecstatics, ordeals are transformed through conjuring tricks mainly achieved through the electrifying vigour of her template, illustrations are thumbnails with captions or onward text links embedded. People come together because they share the same feelings rather than the same thoughts.Poems get published in established magazines because of what the poet cares about.My feet stuck fast in molten fury — – a chapbook by Natacha Bryan, published by Gatehouse Press.Brought up in London by her Jamaican grandparents, her poems have the allure of ritual, and this allure is spun for us by the way the words are woven together, as in this extract from “The Warner”: Stood and spoke in nothing but the skin all of us were born in with a mouth of hooks and mesh.

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