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Call the District Court Service Center at (808) 538-5629.Service Provided: Volunteer attorneys provide limited legal assistance to self-represented litigants with legal advice on civil matters related to landlord tenant cases, collection cases, and temporary restraining order cases (which involve non-family members or parties who are not now, or have not been in a dating relationship).Therapy is most effective when it is safe and supportive, allowing clients to be honest and open and excited for change.""Therapy can be a transformative experience.Moving people from old patterns of depression and anxiety and self doubt into new ways of thinking and interacting with the world.

My practice uses cutting-edge and empirically based psychotherapies, delivered with warmth and care.

Assistance is provided for issues related to landlord cases, collection cases, District and Family Court temporary restraining orders, divorces, custody and other matters.

Assistance may be given in the form of providing Court Forms, reviewing Court Documents for interpretation or to insure that the forms has been completed correctly.

In addition to psychotherapy I perform psychological assessments for ADHD, assessments of cognitive abilities, as well as forensic evaluations.

My experience in assessing and treating active duty military service members has provided me with an understanding of military culture and the unique challenges experienced by military service members and their families.""I am a licensed psychologist who specializes in psychotherapy for mood disorders, trauma, and relationship difficulties.

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