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The air is tinged with electricity as he relentlessly stalks his victim.

Even watching him miss is exdting, for his punches possess awesome velocity.

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Hanbury] comfdained to city uncil Monday afternoon that police personnel will receive ^ pay raise during 1978-79 of less than five percent. 8, asked for ponussion to speak at Monk's meeting rather than wait for the public hearing on the budget which has not been sdieduled.

Did you start a course in beauty culture and not ftnish? Special Offer Cummings itamed Ibtj I^abeth Cnaun- iiga of 61« Lake Sbam aond, Viri^ Beadi. tised car, lioat guides ivailable la the aitfket lar a as«l or bo Bl T The Vlrghda _ l Pllh■c Llbraqf■v• _^ I Reto«Me Dhr Wen h M t^ NJLDA. May20at]0«BL l S37Ladd BRo Mi AUCn ON&n JEA MARKET .

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I t P "^ Fo M" Itevii Jrt Hoa took a ill ronad 01W Ri ^Moad 's Doc Boom $ita Sarin ki a to^ ««t ta his rmt» to wh Miag the Vlifliita State Il w yw ^ k l Cham Nou Mp. APUL M, tf9t 7A 4S(/Ay rev/ew (.* Symphony performance sets audience toes tapping t By PAMVANDEYECtt SUNNew*£ut" as ^narrator in the ', symphony's performance of Prokofiev's *'Peter and the Wolf. 67." , This ^^vhtful cfaildroi's tale featuring musical characterizations of the young boy Peter uid his animal frieiuls brought many a smile to the faces in the •udioice.

3 The playful chatterings of the flute and oboe really ^f^ *■' cheese at their ta Mes.

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