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So Briana Banks was my most masturbated to as a teenager. Once I got off to college and had a credit card I could purchase online porn with (was unaware of cam sites still) I got really into Bree Olson and Jenna Haze. Next day after my stomach is unblotted, avoiding the shopping crowds and traffic and doing a marathon off and on rubbing session into Saturday morning. post more favorite links over the last two weeks rub to be included Wednesday.

Once I turned 18 and could legally get porn, I started learning more about the business. Ashlynn Brooke and Eva Angelina were also heavily in the rotation then. And any suggestions that are good please provide a link.

I can never get more than 20-30 minutes of straight free time for porn..ive gotten used to quick masturbation sessions. Through other boards and use of YIM as a wank-chat device, I've also discovered a large portion of masturbation fanatics can remember their first, but I'm curious as to who knows for sure their most-used.

So used to it that I can't really go more than 20-30 minutes without cumming now...least i can get back up quick and go a second round right away when i do get more free time What a wonderful thread. Just did a four hour marathon beating off to Missy Nicole, Nikki Sun, Angelina Crystal and Lisa Rose multiple scenes. I would guess on this board in particular, the most often stated answer would be a pornstar or at least nude model in terms of profession. She was the woman I was looking at when as a youngster I became aware of my cock being hard in sexual excitement for the first time and started rubbing it.

Even now into her MILFy twilight, she's an ever present.

Just as I was thinking the other night how it has been a while since I used the queen, I downloaded flv clips of all her sex scenes from Naked Souls.

have done it twice, and she has never figured it out. I've got the extra issue of recently acquiring a new laptop and being obsessed with filling the spare hard drive with filth.

: DIt seems a hazard of board membership that it leads to prolonged sessions.



I haven't been able to spend any real time with my cock and porn. I had never 'cammed', but last week i couldnt resist, and came on cam to petra verkaik for a couple dudes who were watching. It feels really chill to just chat like that while finding epic pics to jerk too! It feels really chill to just chat like that while finding epic pics to jerk too! Jacking to porn is fucking great and it is always more fun to compare notes with another porn fan. Then, by the third bathroom, I found some privacy, and blew my load big time to her. Did it make it more epic cause you in in a public place? If anyone would like to jerk to petra, and maybe watch me cum to her on cam, hit me up dcopley1998 on yahoo a thought I had this evening - apologies if this has been covered before, spank me I'm a newbie.

I joined the forum because of my love of porn and all things associated with the associated masturbating - Yahoo with buddies, phonelines, webcam shows of pornstars. Wake up will be these two Simony Diamond scenes again that have watched the last three mornings. so.......: D had never 'cammed', but last week i couldnt resist, and came on cam to petra verkaik for a couple dudes who were watching. But I'd be interested to find out alternatives - could be an actress, sportswoman, fantasy from your real life or even wife/partner. I was thinking about the same photo when I had my first dry orgasm to later that night, and no doubt thinking about Pam when I produced spunk for the first time too.

settling down to a nice long session, been away for a few days and unable to jerk off. In the intervening years while other favourites have come and gone, she's still been there.

- good few victims - lots of victims -lots of traffic best to spread

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