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3) The only identifying number I can find (without somehow checking the neck block) is a small, old sticker on the back of the headstock reading 29219.

4) The tuning gears are open-backed; a feature I have not seen on any other Alvarez model I have inspected. 5) The soundboard appears to be solid spruce, the back and sides are solid flamed-maple, and the neck seems to be rock maple.

2) There is no paper/cloth label inside the sound chamber.

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I know i checked the classifieds, but I guess it must have slipped right past me.We played Alvarez instruments so I have a pretty big archive of these back thru the the late 70's.The early model you have has a flat scroll - not carved.I have searched high and low, and I cannot find ANY info on this instrument.In my searching, I have found models from the 70's-90's, and none of these models seems to match what I have procured.

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