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Photographic evidence of their relationship still lingers in the dark abyss of cyberspace, where it’ll stay forever.

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Some people even speculated that they were well on their way to getting engaged. Instead, they went on to have what could arguably be referred to as one of the most amicable breakups in Hollywood history!

But, it seems like that spark has fizzled out for good since their 2015 amicable breakup.

Credits: David Livingston/Getty Images, Teddy Geiger. Credits: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images, Justin Theroux. Like other Hollywood actresses who’ve garnered massive success in the entertainment industry and under the public eye, Emma Stone’s boyfriends list has grown extensively over the past few years. Credits: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images, Justin Theroux. Credits: Jamie Mc Carthy/Getty Images (2012) costar, Andrew Garfield managed to fuel supermarket tabloid banter, and fans around the world were loving them.

Keep reading our Emma Stone dating timeline to find out all of the juicy details!

Years ago, Emma Stone dated singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Teddy Geiger.

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