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One of the most dramatic finales in Bachelorette history.” Well, that shouldn’t be too hard, since there have only been eight seasons total.We were promised some “shocking secrets” (ahem, one, and, it’s not so shocking).The Bachelor Nation knows that Colton Underwood is the next Bachelor, and fans have some questions and concerns.Chris Harrison has come forward to address at least some of those worries. They [media outlets] just give Vienna a pay check and take a quote." Ok, that's believable. Is there really a secret relationship brewing between the two?Harrison tells Rumor Fix, “I read one magazine that says we hate each other and don’t talk, and the other says we're madly in love.

In July, the TV personality said that he was "slowly but surely getting back in" to the dating game.

Harrison tells Rumor Fix that Jake Pavelka's ex is full of malarkey: “I haven’t talked to her [Vienna] in years.

If she gets engaged to another man, the show will probably spin it as a love triangle.” host.

I guarantee Emily and Chris will end up together in the end.

That was a shocking, horrible thing to come out of that story.

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