Ataca y la alemana dating

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Some dance time with my love @atacajorgie in Sardinia for the Sardinia Bachata Festival - Enjoy and tag a friend who loves Bachata - #bachata #atacaylaalemana #islandtouch #touchtheworld #dance socialdancetv gwepa… 👑Happy Hump Day Queens👑 It’s the middle of the week, have you thought about what you’ve been grateful for this week? What happens when two morenas get together for some sister sister time? - Loved coming up with this little piece with another beautiful Queen, @SG1dancers for the #Before ILet Go Challenge by beyonce - This is… Those many moons ago when @atacajorgie and I got the opportunity to share the stage with flaviatamaralivolsi and titoortos for a concert at the LA Salsa… Black and White makes the teeth look [super] bright - I’m a damn poet, y’all. Smile (show those pearly whites) a bit more this weekend and you’ll find that it will help… 💯😎🤩🤙🙌👌💪🙏 • Want to give a big shout out this man right here, @bachatitomke, for putting on the 1st Annual Fiesta Dominicana in the MKE!!! -Robert Rivers • Want to wish a "VERY SPECIAL" Happy Birthday to my brotha eltigueremambo! Brothers aren’t simply close; brothers are knit together.

"Just Because It's Not In A Museum, Doesn't Mean It Isn't Art" - Sherpa • This was a dope wall I found in LA while just walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather. Letting the sunshine hit my face instantly lifts my mood.… 👑Happy Sexy Friday Queens👑 - It’s the start of the weekend, baby. 👑 Mighty Monday Queens 👑 - Today show up and be fully present. Go on with your bad self, Queen, and have some fun 😉 Remember...opinions others have of you do not matter, especially if they aren’t… 👑Perspective Wednesday Queens👑 - We had so much fun on this ski trip 2 years ago. Even though my ski boots didn’t fit properly and hurt the shit out of my ankles, it was still fun. Every year that I receive the opportunity to be able to share in… When the grind doesn’t stop even on vacation 💻 Tag a Queen always on her grind 👑 - Queens, you are in FULL CONTROL of your destiny. But they all got us to the same destination...feeling better in our skin.

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