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"Take him through position two, darling," she instructed and made herself comfortable on an easy chair to watch the second segment of the flogging.

Miss Anita stepped beside my straining body and said: "Right, slave, feet a yard apart, then bend over until your hands are grazing the carpet." I bent over, my back towards Aunty Pat, and presented my arse what I thought would be a perfect flogging position.

As they crossed the floor of the games room to be seated on the couch directly behind my back, I noticed that both had removed their black leather shorts and were now clad only in black leather g-strings and black high heels.

"That'll be the girls," said Aunty Pat, "I told them I'd let them watch Rick's training if they finished their chores early." And with that she walked over to the door and let the two Latin ladies, Pepina and Conchita, into the room.

As Pepina and Conchita settled down on the couch, Miss Anita drew her arm back and flogged the cat down across my tautened buttocks.

She continued the punishment for 10 strokes, then was instructed by Aunty Pat: "Move on to position number three, now Nita! "Eees going to like this one," one of the pair said.

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