Auto updating jpeg viewer

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The interesting thing is that Photo Viewer is still there.

It’s just hidden and you’ll have to make a couple of Registry edits to have it show up.

that allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions and even scrolling windows/web pages.

Windows 10 uses the new Photos app as your default image viewer, but many people still prefer the old Windows Photo Viewer.

The reason why apps are replacing programs is simply because more people are buying smartphones than PCs - and I don't expect that trend to stop any time soon.

Smartphones, even in the third world are much cheaper than purchasing a computer, are mobile, and can do what most people need (email and web surfing).

Here's how to get Windows 10 Photo Viewer back: I hope that helps. If you have a computer question -- or even a computer problem that needs fixing -- please email me with your question so that I can write more articles like this one.

William Jaques, by email Go to the Start button and select Default Programs.

Click ‘Set your default program’ and if your preferred image viewing or editing program is on the list, select it and click ‘Set as default’.

I have tried going to Control Panel - Default Programs to change the settings but Windows Photo Viewer is nowhere to be found! " My response: I also noticed that the Windows Photo Viewer went missing with the Creators Edition update.

Windows Photo Viewer has been a staple in Microsoft Windows since the Windows XP days and I've become very accustomed to using it.

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