Battlenet armory not updating online dating government regulation

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Now I can't get it to load a character from the armory. The Beta version fixed the DBC error and I can load simple models now.As you all know already apparently, the newest Armory link doesn't work, as I found out as well. -Sparkling EDIT: I'm also getting this error when it first loads Wo W. It still isn't letting me import a character from the armory, but I can work with this now! Wow Model Viewer gives me this error: An error occured during armory data interpretation.

Visit Stack Exchange Example: How often does this update? But both originally came out during Cataclysm, and a lot of changes have happened in the game.The API itself requires a lot of updates, and it powers both the app and the website.Some of the changes I included include a new hero masthead for summarizing your character (it would also reintroduce a custom pose feature, maybe).The character stats would be simplified like in 7.0, and there'd be a ton more info related to your artifact.

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