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I went from a constant surge of dopamine to nothing.

Depression is often the result of trying to change what we can’t and dwelling on the past.

Anxiety is the result of trying to control what we can’t and worrying about the future. While distraction makes us miserable, the ability to focus makes happier, more fulfilled, and more successful.

When you raise the quality of your attention, you’ll inevitably raise the quality of your life.

It ’s impossible not to compare yourself to others when fan/follower counts rank you, your self-esteem is measured in likes and comments, and every aspect of your humanity is quantified with vanity metrics, resulting in a false sense of celebrity.

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The endless parade of accomplishments, accolades, and people who are doing something far more impressive than you are are central to nearly every source of distraction, making comparison inevitable.

Sources of distraction pull us out of the present moment.

In the modern world, they shift our attention from the physical world to the virtual world.

The same thing happens when you focus your attention on one task.

You shift from focus to flow, get more done in less time and every aspect of performance goes through the roof.

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