Biggest losers contestants dating

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As well as being titled The Biggest Loser of season five, Ali also got to enjoy the quarter of a million dollars prize money.This winner was so successful at keeping her weight of that Ali was able to forge an entirely new career as soon as she walked away from the show.Incredibly, this 157-pound weight loss saw Matt walk away as the winner of the series.This was the first time the producers of the show used contestants’ percentage of body weight loss rather than using just pounds as an indication, giving everyone a fairer chance at the prize.Although Jim lost more pounds than his brother, Bill lost more percentage of his initial body weight and was the one to take home the 0,000 prize at the end.

In fact, this winner walked away from the show at just 193 pounds overall. Sadly, almost as soon as Erik went back into the outside world, he began to pile back on the weight until he was up to 368 pounds.Now, Erik weighs 245 pounds and is determined to lose even more. twin in 2007 as Bill went head to head with his sibling, Jim.The Germanakos brothers battled it out, but ultimately there could only be one winner: Bill.To top it off, Matt’s BMI went from 48.6 down to a much healthier 26.1.It wasn’t just how to change his lifestyle that Matt earned from the show; he also met his future wife, Suzy.

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