Bindingnavigator not updating

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Although currency management is handled automatically for all underlying data source types, this class exposes a number of events, such as Current Item Changed and Data Source Changed, that allow for customization.

Now the Combo Box properties can then be set up just like the first example: Technically we don’t need to specify the Value Member property this time because we’re not writing it anywhere, but it doesn’t hurt to specify it.In the first case it’s not necessary to set up a data relation in your Data Set between the lookup table and the table you’re editing, but it doesn’t hurt.In the second case it is necessary to create a relation between your parent and child tables. First we’ll use the Data Source Configuration Wizard to create a Data Set with Regions and Territories.In VS 2005, go to the Data menu and select “Show Data Sources” then select “Add New Data Source”.If we take a look at the Data Set through the Data Set Designer, we see that these tables are related on Region ID: In the first scenario we want to select a Region from the Combo Box and have that value populated into the Territorries record.

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