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And then we introduced Rose Mc Gowan [as Paige], who brought her own personality and talent and we lasted another five years. And that’s when Leo and her became the “adults of the show,” if you will. My role was to be deliverer of news, the greater good, always the good choice, the pacifist.

So it changed all the storylines going forward in how we all reacted and what happened, which was great for me. Have you heard all the jokes made about the girls steamrolling over Leo all the time? It felt like real life, I guess, but, you know, I’m in on the joke! Leo is confrontative when he has to be, but the whole story for him was to take care of everyone with love and kindness — you’ll always win.

Shannen’s departure I think was a surprise to everyone. She was such a big part of creating the show and had brought her fanbase and talents to it. Shannen played a bad ass and the dynamic changed when Paige came in.

So when we found that out, it was a big surprise and wondering how we were going to go on. Also Read: ' Charmed,' ' All American': Watch Trailers for The CW's New Fall Shows (Video) Where do you land in the Paige Years vs. She’s much more bubbly and free and then Piper became the matriarch.

For me it’s just, being one of the only males on this show, any time Leo goes away it’s the fear of “Is it over for Leo?

” When we’re together the only drama we can create is when I die or when I go away.

Every single time I was concerned I wasn’t going to be a part of the show.

Holly is such a great actress you want to play scenes with her that are emotionally involved, whether it’s happy, sad, whatever it is. Also Read: Here's the Complete Fall 2018 TV Schedule for All 5 Broadcast Networks What was it like learning about the crazy twist that Chris was actually your son in Season 5? There came a point in one of the scripts where it was like, “OK, what’s going on?

Brian Krause is best known for his portrayal of Whitelighter Leo Wyatt on Aaron Spelling's popular program Charmed opposite Alyssa Milano, Rose Mc Gowan, Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty.Also Read: The CW Boss on Starting Up Sundays Again: We Wanted ' Shows That Empowered Women' What was your favorite line of Leo’s?“I’ll check with the Elders.” I don’t know how many times I said that []. ” What are your thoughts on The CW’s upcoming reboot? It’s a compliment to what the girls created initially. Like you see with “Supernatural” it seems to be going after Season 25 or something [].So it was always a thrill when we got a chance to do something that was poignant emotionally, not just battling a demon or figuring something out. ” And he told us and was, like, “I need you to feel like you don’t know.Just to play it out as if this is the worst person on the planet, so that when we do do that scene it’s a surprise.” But I believe I only found out about a week before the reveal. You’ve all talked about this so much already, but looking back now, what did Prue’s (Shannen Doherty) death at the end of Season 3 mean for the show as a whole?

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