Bristol palin dating a black man

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For the record what's written is not exactly accurate. Ultimately Levi and Sunny's relationship grew stronger, and today they are doing very well. So surely, I thought, now Levi would want to release me from my promise and let me do my thing. After some initial rumblings I even let Bristol know of my intentions.

As you now know that was not how things were going to work out. Like I said earlier I received a lot of interesting information from the Johnstons, their friends, and their family members over the last two years.

According to the National Enquirer, the couple’s growing relationship sparked the idea for the show – and Mrs Palin isn’t happy about it.

She is apparently convinced it will affect her family’s reputation, as Bristol is on the rebound from her ex-boyfriend, Alaskan pipeline worker Gino Paoletti.

Much of it Sunny and Levi did not want to ever see on the internet. He was the guy who appeared on Bristol's crappy reality show as her long suffering boyfriend, and who she kicked out of her car in the middle of nowhere.

However this is my blog, and ultimately my decision. You ever wonder what happened to that guy or what he thinks of Bristol Palin these days? And have no doubt that Gino knows what he is talking about here.

Bristol has become increasingly liberal since she moved to Los Angeles to appear on Dancing with the Stars last year.

At the time an insider told the Enquirier: ‘Bristol is completely rebelling against her mother – now that she’s experiencing life outside of Alaska and away from Sara.

Okay so that clip was from 2012, and in response Levi Johnston decided that he had finally had all he could take and wanted to try one more time to get his son back into his life.

‘She has opened her eyes and realised how sheltered and programmed she was.’ Awww sh*t!

We hope if Kyle really is smashing those Alaskan cakes into reality TV history, he’s keeping that thang wrapped up.

The insider said: ‘Bristol told Sarah: “Back off and let me lead my own life!

” She doesn’t agree with her mom’s politics or her controlling ways.’ It’s the pair’s second falling out in little over a month, coming just weeks after Bristol reportedly banned her mother from her new home in Arizona after they had a huge row over gay marriage.

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