Bungie service record not updating

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If they're ever going to do a subscription-based model for the OS, it won't be anything that affects the private consumer.

It will most likely be something that can replace their MSDN program altogether.

If anything, it's what's called "expanding the topic of discussion". But why do you state Macs are 00 when they start at 0?

Most people don't get Windows without buying a PC either. Or that you lack proper argumentation and will to justify your claims.

It would probably even be a proper basis for a lawsuit by people who spent money transitioning their office to Win 10, believing it was a free upgrade and then finding out they had to subscribe in order to receive updates.

My point is, you're not forced to spend ' X' amount of money to get the opportunity.

So, saying that their OS is free is a bit ironic, when you're actually forced to give them your money to buy their hardware first.

If anything, it's what's called "expanding the topic of discussion". Irit pointed out that they don't monazite their OSes, and now you point out that they monitize their hardware, kind of a red herring, if you ask me.

It wasn't a Mac vs PC debate, it was more someone saying "this is the way things are" when it wasn't really the truth.

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