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CSU’s First Amendment Conversation Panel held at the Iris & Michael Smith Alumni Center, December 13, 2017.The conversation series is hosted by the Multicultural Staff & Faculty Network and the Office of the President, in partnership with the Vice President for Diversity and the Center for Public Deliberation.The First Amendment Conversation Series launched at Colorado State University in December 2017 and has received overwhelming interest from the campus community.The series is designed to help faculty and staff understand the rights and restrictions of free speech and peaceful assembly on campus, and to provide resources, information, and best practices for navigating issues and questions as they arise in the classroom and elsewhere at CSU.Dates and registration information will be posted on this site by mid-January 2019.There are several events held each year on campus – speakers, political rallies, demonstrations, and non-political activities such as sporting events – which may inspire you to exercise your rights under the First Amendment.As a state institution of higher education, the University celebrates, honors, and respects the First Amendment and your right to free speech.However, those rights are not without limit, and it’s important to understand what constitutes protected expressive activity and what is not permitted at this public university.

Following the program, there were opportunities for learning and action.

CSU has a Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly policy, which you can access online.

This policy describes how the rights to free speech and peaceful assembly are afforded and protected by the University.

As a high-impact key engagement activity, its strategic goals are to cultivate competitive success, encourage campus engagement, and foster community building across Houston and beyond.

In addition to intercollegiate competition, the program also encourages campus engagement through hosting public debates and other speech and argumentation themed activities.

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