Can scorpio man dating scorpio woman

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Part of the problem arises from the tendency both the Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman have to hide their true feelings.This can give rise to a series of misunderstandings between them, which both of them will resent and for which both will want revenge.It will be easy for them to understand each other, because they are the same.Just looking into each other’s eyes will be enough for them to understand each other.Scorpio man Scorpio woman compatibility is undoubtedly magnetic, and this is a couple which can, if they get the magic right, soar to heights few other couples can match.

A Scorpio is sensitive and prefers to spend most of his or her time at home instead of going out too much.The support they will offer to one another will be tremendous.Because they are the most talented lovers in the zodiac, these two will have amazing sex.For this couple, however, their initial getting together is likely to be quite slow and cautious.They’re not really sure if they want to take the risk of a relationship; if either has ever had a relationship with a fellow Scorpio before, they’ll probably be very wary of going through all that again.

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