Celebrities appearing on the dating game

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Rumor has it that the sex scene in this movie was not a simple depiction of actors doing their acting job very well. This is another example on our list of a film from an independent studio, so they may have been able to get away with a bit more.Still, watch the movie and “don’t look” too hard or you may see more than you bargained for. The rumors say so and speculate that celebs Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were totally immersed (quite literally) in that sensuous scene on the hit television show.

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O’Brien and Stilley ended up getting burned for their commitment to making the sex real in the film. , encompassing the best of Spanish and British cinema.Just watching the promiscuity and sexuality of this film will make you think that it would take pretty good acting chops to fake it., a 1970 film starring Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg.Some of the stars on our list have openly admitted to getting down and dirty in front of the cameras, while others have stayed quiet about it. was definitely engaging in some sexual behavior during the filming for “Ready to Die.” He went on to say that he thinks if Notorious B. It is said that D’Angelo was doing the real thing in the video for “How Does It Feel,” in which he solidifies his public image as a total sex machine.Hey, Hollywood is full of the gorgeous, chiseled bodies of the rich and famous; can we really blame celebs for taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some great hanky panky? died not too long ago and was unable to answer our burning question of whether or not he totally did it in a music video. The music video had a huge impact on the public and was the talk of the town among R&B music lovers.

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