Chris botti dating 2016 who is stephen colletti dating now

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It's also a piece he and his girlfriend Samantha Major would listen to, slow dancing in his kitchen while making dinner together."When Chris was on stage with Sting — it makes me tear up even just talking about it," he said."When he says, 'You're my greatest work of art,' it's like when you meet someone, as you grow together, you start to remove the pieces that don't belong."She was a little taken aback, but I was floored."In 2015, the two ventured to Rochester for the jazz festival, where Hernandez asked her to be his girlfriend after "trying to court her for a while." This year, the two embarked on a road trip up the East Coast, covering more than 1,400 miles and ending up in Rochester for the festival again.

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Hours before the surprise proposal, Samantha Major sent her mother a text about her excitement for the show and her relationship.It usually starts with friendly messages and eventually works it way u… Bzc AU5hm7v Op ALWAYS CHECK FOR THE BLUE TICK VERIFICATION.Hernandez hopped up from his seat next to his girlfriend, Samantha Major, and just before he began to speak with unwavering confidence to roughly 2,000 people in attendance, Botti told the audience, "You might want to You Tube this.""I am speaking from the heart that my greatest work of art and will continue to be so is Samantha Major," he said, in a video recorded by the festival.He drops to one knee and begins a wedding proposal to Major.

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