Consequences of dating in islam cop dating service

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If the girl and the families are OK at this step, then the “bride to be” and “the groom to be” can start to know each other better.Since dating in non-Muslim cultures may be followed by different kinds of sexual lust, such as touching, hugging, kissing, etc., Islam would call this sort of dating forbidden ().This dating and falling in love could be for money, status, education, or opposite sex. Muslims, like any other human beings, fall in love and may spend days and nights weeping for their beloved, until they can unite with their loved ones.In this article, I would like to talk about Love for opposite sex and its rulings according to Islam and dating in Islam. However, the main point of being committed to any religion and obeying its rules is for human beings to gain control over themselves.

According to Islam, when someone feels fallen in love!That’s why when we look back at our previous experiences of feeling in love, we laugh at our naivety for calling that love!And that the love we are feeling now IS the real thing. Love is a miracle, and miracles are here to make us believe” [1].When it never happens, disappointment would fill his/ her life.Also, people who keep dating with no intention for marriage would enjoy a relationship in which, unlike marriage, they are irresponsible towards their partner.

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