Consolidating and accelerating exports in bangladesh

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On a global scale, large Asian countries with vertically integrated industries are becoming the world's leading suppliers.China in particular can produce virtually any textile or clothing item at any quality and cost.

consolidating and accelerating exports in bangladesh-40

Larger companies are increasing production capacity, often on the advice of their major customers.The reason was duty-free market access under the United States' African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), combined with relaxed rules of origin requirements that allowed countries to use cheaper fabric from Asia for their garment exports.Jordan's exports to the United States, or those of Bangladesh and Cambodia to Canada, skyrocketed for the same reason.The sector plays a major economic role in many least developed countries, especially in Africa, and in other small, vulnerable countries.To avoid losing important business, their firms need to exploit duty-free advantages to the full, diversify products and expand their supply chains.

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