Credibility of online dating friends re united dating

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Online males — frustrated or too lazy to read profiles — cluster-bomb 100s of women they’ve barely looked at: if you throw manure at a barnwall all day, eventually some of its got to stick, right?

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In today’s too-hi-tech universe, the notion of an online dating platform trolling its member base for suitors seems quaint — even tawdry, to most anyone, yet people have grown accustomed to it, or rather they tolerate it with bland cynicism.

If you feel lucky, you can buy up more ‘beans.’When only an infinitesimal fraction of a member base is likely to appeal to me, my chance of “taking a bagel” are less than winning a 0M lottery — three times.

In this way I feel Coffee Meets Bagel is not a losing, but a preposterous proposition when I can see them and hundreds other on multiple sites for free.

Developers could monetize the apps with membership fees and advertising, provide the talent pool, and simply stay out of the way, and let love happen that doesn’t happen on their crumby platforms.

Otherwise, in ten-years, a lot of chronically single people will be waking up next to fuck-bots.

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