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You can force the power supply to run by shorting a particular pin on the main connector down to ground: To keep things simple I propose to use air as the carrier gas, and use a fish tank air pump to push it through the column.Because it is a bit noisy, we made the Arduino and web interface allow you to switch it on and off easily.Color intensity can be specified on the interval [0, 1]. A curriculum vitae, commonly known as a CV, is an alternative to writing a resume to apply for a job. A colormap matrix can have any number of rows, but it must have exactly 3 columns.Each row is interpreted as a color, with the first element specifying the intensity of red, the second green, and the third blue.The pump is mains powered so we used a solid state relay to switch it on and off, and covered the mains connections with plastic to stop us blowing ourselves up with loose wires in the case...A power transistor is also mounted in the case to switch the current flow to the resistors.

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Note that when I talked to some chemists about this they advised that I could do this much more easily using wet chemistry because of the significant differences between CO2 and Methane, but I am a physicist, so something using physical properties sounds much more fun!

It may be helpful for you to view the "opencv.hpp" library (located by default in: C:\Open CV2.2\include\opencv2\opencv.hpp) to see what is included and how you can reference the new libraries in your code.

To see the complete list of libraries available, go to "C:\Open CV2.2\include\" and browse around the directory.

Next, try a hot wire detector - loop of constantan wire used to heat a thermistor using a constant current source - the temperature above ambient should depend on the thermal properties of the gas surrounding it.

Unfortunately I was using a 100R resistor to sense the current, and my loop of constantan is only about 1R.

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