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You can also Level Up Your Leadership by attending breakout sessions that fulfill the Medallion Program.Look for the Medallion Program logo next those sessions that also count towards the program.The inscription says - Geelong West Cycling Club Track Championship 1956 - 1957 Won by K. The two outer uprights and wooden and the middle is a burnished/silver metal cylinder. Since that time head protection has developed more sophistication.Moore I was born in 1956 at Baxter House in Geelong and dad used to tell the tale of riding from Winchelsea to Geelong and back to see me, and to get in some training at the same time! This trophy provides information on the handicap winners of the Geelong West Cycling Club Memorial Road Race This trophy provides information on the handicap winners of the Geelong West Cycling Club Memorial Road Race "GEELONG WEST CYCLING CLUB/ALEX CROOKSHANKS/MEMORIAL/ROAD RACE/1971R. This is a particularly good run of examples from the 1930's through to the 1950's, showing efforts to refine the helmut for safety.The sash and photograph you described are of great interest to the Geelong Cycling Club and we would be delighted to include the items on this Victoria Collections page. The handicap system was used for 1 mile, 1.5 mile and 5 mile races.A photograph of the sash describing it's dimensions including a scale, perhaps a ruler, in the photo and a copy of the photograph of your Dad can be added to our Victoria Collections' page. Provides insight into handicapping of road racing and the distances raced for the cyclists during the 1930s. The banner has a yellow fringe attached to the bottom of it and has yellow embossed inscriptions.We have photos of him lined up with Russell Mockridge. "Detto Pietro Milano" Typewritten page of race handicaps for the GWCC members on 15/12/1934, signed off by the official handicapper on 28/11/1934.

I have just read John Craven's book on the Warrnambool and it has sparked my interest. It is a navy blue sash with gold lettering and fringe. There are three uprights standing on a wooden base. The board is in the shape of a rectangle and has a decorative top to it. Head protection for cyclists first appeared in the 1920s when the issue of safety became a concern.

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NSW Caselaw publishes judgments and decisions of all New South Wales courts and tribunals administered by the Department of Justice.

Greetings Karen, the bike your father rode at that time will be difficult to determine and will depend on personal recollections of his contemporaries still with us. These medals indicate the importance that the Geelong Cycling community placed on - and continues to place on its life members and racing placegetters.

This kind of detail is unlikely to be recorded in the records of the time even if we could find it now. Regards, John Burtt 6 x Medals - one in gold metal conglomerate, three in bronze metal conglomerate, two in silver metal conglomerate. GACC Club Records 1926-1970, including formation of GACC 1926.

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