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” then it’s about time to start subtly but undeniably suggesting something happens between you two.“You and I could get up to a lot of mischief together” “We could have a lot of fun together” “We’re going to get into all kinds of trouble you know” “If you aren’t careful then I’m going to end up being bad with you” “I’m going to have to come teach you to be a good girl if you don’t behave” These are all undeniable messages that say you’re looking to hook up but none of them explicitly say it and so they’re a lot smoother of course if a girl explicitly asks you what you’re looking for you should never lie so keep that in mind.

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So if you’re looking to hook up with a girl, how do you show interest without scaring her off and more importantly, how do you avoid the friend zone?This can be hit and miss because some girls will realise what you’re doing (you can thank mainstream media for the mass education on what reverse psychology is) regardless, you work on the principle that people will always try and oppose resistance.If you tell a girl you don’t think you’re her type because you’re dirty, sarcastic and inappropriate the chances are she’ll protest and justify that she likes that.Baby and babe can work but you risk the chance of offending so I recommend keeping to visual pet names such as beautiful and gorgeous.No one likes someone who is looking for a reaction, unfortunately, if you give direct compliments that’s how it can come off.

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