Dating a diplomat

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Rubirosa entered one Formula One race, in 1955, the Grand Prix de Bordeaux on April 25.He planned to drive his own Ferrari 500, identical to the one which brought Alberto Ascari the 19 Drivers' World Championship.He sent me the address via email and I arrived at about 7 pm.I enjoyed our conversation, the food, and the beauty of his Burmese wife…who’s at least 20 years younger than him., their traditional values, how he met his wife 16 years ago, and that he still can’t understand why Thailand gets all the male attention while Myanmar gets ignored.He and Zsa Zsa Gabor were seen together during her marriage to George Sanders.When she wouldn't marry him, despite the fact George was divorcing her, Rubi married Barbara Hutton.

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He dallied with his ex-wife Flor de Oro Trujillo Ledesma during his marriage to Doris Duke.Trujillo recognized what an asset Rubirosa was for his regime, remarking: "He is good at his job, because women like him and he is a wonderful liar." After Trujillo's assassination on May 30, 1961, Rubirosa supported his son as successor and attempted to persuade John F. However, when Ramfis Trujillo and his family fled the Dominican Republic, Rubirosa's career came to an end.On January 2, 1962, the Council of State removed him from his unique appointment as "Inspector of Embassies".I call him the Diplomat because he’s a reader who wants to stay anonymous…and he’s a retired diplomat. I wasn’t sure if he was talking about myasthenia or mayonnaise.The diplomat wanted to meet me at the Mingalabar restaurant.

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