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Until 1800, all the antique mirror glass in America was imported.Antique glass is thin (less than 1/8 inch thick), variably wavy, and somewhat gray in color.If you want more of the same type of information, we highly recommend you purchase the book at If the upholstery is not original, lift one edge: the antique chair rail to check for the innumerable nail holes which, to a trained eye, are the reassuring sign of many re-upholsterings over the course of a long life. An old antique, handmade screw will have irregular widths between the spirals, running the whole length of the shaft. (New screws have sharp points and regular, evenly spaced threads.)Wood veneers on antique furniture are of thick and somewhat irregular widths, rather like home-sliced bread.

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If you’re looking for quirky, one of a kind chairs or tables, we also have a variety of singles for your consideration.

Measures 2D x 29 in diameter Circa 1950's Now 55% OFF!

This stunning 19th Century French Louis XV Painted Display Armoire ~ Bookcase is the perfect choice to display one's most cherished antique collection, family memorabilia, sports trophies, you name it!

To help understand what defines each period, here are some of the major design elements for each period.

William and Mary, 1690-1730: The style is named for the English King William of Orange and his consort, Mary.

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