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We'll be doing an episode of a game roughly every other month, but won't release them to the public until the game is fully complete.So patrons at this tier will be getting content from us long before the rest of the world does.The games tended to have more story than is typical in the "erotic games" genre and featured realistically shaped people who act ... Like Tlaero used to say, if you're looking for games full of bimbos with beachball-sized breasts who will have sex with you in an alley at the drop of a hat, ours are not the games you're interested in.If, on the other hand, you want human-looking characters with histories and personalities who you need to treat with dignity and respect ... All the Tlaero and Mortze games and some of the short stories are downloadable for free and, since they're HTML, should work on any system.So far, Tlaero and Mortze games have taken place in 3 settings.The "Elsa-verse" games are the main games that Tlaero and Mortze have done together.iksanabot has a long curriculum as a writer of many successful games at Lesson of Passion, namely Living with Temptation, Living with Temptation Expansion: Wife gone Wilder and Living with Temptation 2: foreign Affairs and Seducing the Throne.

Since it's about a blind date, some of the scenes in the game can end up being a little 'racy,' but it's also possible (and probable) that the date with Ariane simply ends up being a nice dinner and nothing more.In the past this tier gave you the right to put a 728x90 ad on Mortze (subject to editorial oversight), but while people pledged at this amount, pretty much no one wanted to do the ad. We both have a history of making popular erotic adventure games.We can still do the ad if you'd like, but realistically, this is a tier for incredible people who are going above and beyond to support us without extra perks. We are doing a more light-hearted game than Mortze has made previously with Tlaero, and it is a little less raunchy than the games iksanabot has written previously.This page is our main presence on the web, although many of our games are also available on Newgrounds.You can also contact us at Sharks Lagoon and at f95where our screen names are "Mortze" and "iksanabot". Mortze & iksanabot You'll have our gratitude for your support and will get weekly progress reports on whatever game we're currently making.

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