Dating at church

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The more you build your life around serving God and His people in the church, the more you will be able to see who the women are in your church who have the same priorities.You’ll also see how they interact with people and how they serve in ministry.As you serve in the church and minister to others, you will be around other godly single people — not a bad thing — and you will learn skills and characteristics that, among other things, will serve you well in marriage.So, do you to find a potential spouse through involvement in a local church?The Bible is clear that believers are only to marry other believers.

Prepare What You Want to Say This is something you want to do before you even approach him or her.

There are a few simple steps that will guarantee you success and will save you from any potential embarrassment.

Find the Right Time There is a time and place to approach someone at church; this is important to know because it can be the difference between him or her taking you seriously—it would also be a negative comment on your character.

No, of course the Lord can and does work in many other ways, but the Lord has given us the church as the source of true fellowship of many sorts among His people, so it’s obviously a wonderful place to start.

I will pray for the Lord to give you wisdom and peace as you continue to pray and look for a godly wife.

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