Dating more successful women

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Most women won’t flat out say “Oh, I’m really not into [insert bad date idea here], but how about [better date idea]?” She would more likely go with the flow, and while you might think this is great, you could have screwed up your chances right off the bat.A coffee date should not even be considered a date idea.It should be considered something you do to catch up with an old acquaintance or to discuss business plans with coworkers.[Read: 10 fun and romantic summer date ideas] #3 Hitting the club.

As much as you may despise it, opt for a chick flick or a comedy or something that both of you will find interesting.Before you begin trying to explain why that’s not true, consider this: even though you might like to go shopping, you wouldn’t appreciate a girl asking you out on a date to the mall right?While she might reason that “you mentioned on the phone how good you feel when buying a new pair of sneakers,” you would still feel like you’re being dragged along to one of things. Similarly, the same way it would be hard for her to focus on you or get to know you better while distracted by shiny new pumps and colorful dresses, you would not be giving her the attention she deserved while trying to keep track of a game.She will also assume that you are “not that into her,” and lose interest.So you can probably consider that your last first impression!

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