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You’ve been walking for two hours and you need some water, but there’s no water in sight.

You keep walking and three hours later, you still don’t have any water.

Your mouth is dry, your throat is dry and you just need some water.

Then, off in the distance, you see a table and on that table is a glass of chilled, pure, clean water. Are you going to feel like, or are you going to be feeling a bit needy for that water?

Are you going to feel that desperation to get over there and make sure that you get that water, drink it and rehydrate yourself?

You most likely are going to get over there, drink the water and rehydrate yourself.

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The moment a man sees that you don´t have a life, he will pull back.

So, when you meet an attractive woman, or you start dating an attractive woman, how can you avoid yourself feeling desperate when it comes to her?

How can you avoid feeling like, Additionally, how can you do the opposite of that and be the sort of guy who exudes the type of confidence that makes a woman want to get down on her knees and be a good girl?

Whether you´re still in a getting-to-know-each-other phase or already in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, the moment you show your needy colors, men are quick to run away. Let us hear the story of one of our sisters here and her struggle in overcoming neediness. I have so much respect for women who have never ever been needy at some point in their lives. *** Make him commit and surrender his heart to you, learn how to be “the woman men adore and never want to leave”. Controlling your emotions and overcoming your neediness is very much possible. The reason why you never realized your mistakes until it´s all over is because you´re not aware of the traits of a needy woman and thus, you´re not aware that you are doing them.

My question about love and relationship is: how can I learn to control my own feelings and emotions? And that´s why you keep doing them over and over again.

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