Dating no desire

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We don't know enough about the chemical changes that occur in the brain during depression and little research has been done on how these changes affect sex.From a clinical point of view, however, it's clear that a depressive illness tends to affect all the bodily systems, dislocating them and often slowing them down.Depressed people often want to stay home and do nothing, but if you do this too, you'll get terribly fed up.🔸 This will pass: Remember that your partner's illness will pass and that he or she is the same person underneath the depression as before.🔸 Exercise: Try to take some exercise together.Most depressed people feel an improvement in their spirits if they do something active.Nowadays, there are plenty of alternatives to antidepressants.

Admittedly, this isn't always the case, and some depressed people manage to maintain normal sex lives – sometimes even finding that making love is the only thing that gives them comfort and reassurance.🔹 For men: the general damping down of brain activity causes feelings of tiredness and hopelessness, which may be associated with loss of libido and erection problems.🔹 For women: this diminished brain activity tends to be associated with lack of interest in sex and very often with difficulty in reaching orgasm.Try to train yourself to notice three of these heart-warming moments per day.🔹 Eat five-a-day: You may have an odd relationship with food while you're depressed (you could have little appetite or constantly comfort eat), but try to eat five pieces of fruit per day.This is a caring thing to do for yourself and is good for your physical and mental health.🔹 Employ music: Listen to music that matters to you.🔹 Have faith: Depression will pass and that you will enjoy your life again.🔹 Cuddle: Even if you don't feel like full-on sex, do make the effort to have a cuddle.If this happens – and you are keen to have and enjoy sex – ask your doctor about changing medication. If you are suffering from depression, on your better days, try to make an effort to show love and appreciation to your partner.The following tips might also help:🔹 Exercise: Try to go for a walk every day, preferably with your partner.

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