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Be sure to visit the rest of our Very Delicious Web Site and also check out thousands of great potential friends right here on our site. I have been trying to get a place for the STREET KIDS in HILBROW, BEREA AND yeoville but to no vail I am looking after the STREET KIDS whilist on the streets . I love youwith all of my heartand to the very depthmyof soul. Mar 2003 Hey...i'm heading to Kona on the Big Island for spring break. Mar 2003 hya my name is katie i have signed my name in the guest chat room book because i would like to make contact with my real father the point in all of ths is that when i mention his name hopefully sum 1 will contact me on my email address which is [email protected] dads name is paddy herbert the last time i heard of him that was his name he lived in mancher to he was about 36 or summit so pl pl plzzzzzzz help me find him i am his lost daughet katie i am now 14 years old wanting to see her or hear from her dad who she loves very very very very much thank you for your patiance Date: 3. I also met the man of my dreams on the net and my life has been changed ever since. When I finally laid eyes on him, I could hardly breathe from the excitement I felt. It all started when I went to the SCS high, I thought it would be like any other year of school, But it wasn't this year was different in many ways. May 2003 love, what is is a beautiful feelings and this site is so specific and mysterious. Sep 2003 this chate from nigeria and i just want let people know that i love you all but pls. until then, goodbye and hope to receive yo lovely reply shortly, cheers Date: 7. Once again, I am assured that you are worth the wait. I mean you cheat on them then they leave you and wont talk to you!

If u would like my advice then contact me on [email protected] ill try to give u information on what to do. Jan 2003 hi i meet a beautiful gal in m cllg but i dunno know how come i talk with her i am afraid of future so.....i am thinking abt how to get a crush with her ....i wanna her to be my passion........frens help me out.... Jan 2003 i want to find the right girl that cares about others and can list what the man saying i want to tell them my feelings all the time im a loveing persons sweet guy and honest kind Date: 31. we would like to ask you some questions about the infrastructure. your sincerely anouk and iris From: SYLWIA POLAND WARSAW Date: 16. THE GUY SHOULD BE WORKING, ONE WHO CAN TAKE CARE OF ME IN CASE IF FINANCIAL ASPECT SHOULD RISE, ONE WHO WILL BE READY TO SEE ME SOON. I can only saythat all of my life I've looked forsomeone like you. Im so sorry if Im not able to tell you this personally.

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Dating for dwarfs and/or little people can be hard for many reasons, not least of which are the misconceptions and stigma often perpetuated in entertainment, the internet, and society in general.

Sie erhalten jedoch nicht oft die Chance auch zu entdecken wie interessant diese Frauen sein können.I want to thank you for visiting our on-line home here at Love I'm a single black male,42 years old with a variety of interests from listening to jazz to r&b, and all types of writing and I'm currently writing a book on a past relationship just to get over the Date: 5. I WANT A SINGLE SWEET BEAUTIFUL GIRL 20--28YEARS MUSLIMS. I think you all schould go there and download the songs and write something about what you think of it in the guestbook. In fact i still do, unless i come accross a couple that met on the net and they've been together for more than,say three years. I hope you visit mine it's loaded with links to online casinos and sportsbooks featuring 24-thrilling hours nonstop gaming action - 100 Casinos: Click Here - Date: 3. I've dreamed of someonewho loves animals, children,romantic strolls beneaththe moonlight, andlong lazy nightsbefore the fire. The person who invented alphabeth was a great genius but made a MISTAKE by seperating "U" and "I" far from each other. listen to the radio enjoy..tracks are produced by the UK UNDERGROUND!!!! I love you now as I write this, and I love you now as you read this.This little Web site has been "our baby" for about 8 years now! all I ask is just a little honesty though I know that you're not coming back to me, you know I'll do anything to make you stay, but I just have to let you go, IF THE FEELING IS GONE... Jan 2003 MY DEAR I am truly muslim and sunni and belong to honourable family. Marriage for people who meet the convetional way is not easy. There's alot to be said about the magnificency of technology, but i doubt it very much it can point us to real and happy love. Feb 2003 Thank you so much I have heard you on the TV and Radio Talk Shaws, and I am very much looking forward to communicate with you. I wanted someone whohas a good heartand cares about others,someone who's willing togo that extra mile forsomeone who's in need. Thank God l finally found U(responsible and romantic lady). Sep 2003 im very happy 2see this web site i like websit like that im a man from zanzibar island in tanzania (east african)my hope i will get a good friend who use this site and will teach english coz i cantnot speak english and i will teach kiswahili langueg Date: 6. I would love to love you like no body has ever tried to love you. Oct 2003 DJ Sunfire @ 18.00 oclock mixed for 4 hours tast the live-stream by Ds L/Isdn the Hit-stream by Modem connection... you like Rennie Pilgrem, PQM, Kosheen the hear tonight the radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my dreams you would kiss away my fears and wrap me with your arms of love.Hier erhalten Sie die Möglichkeit genau dies zu tun.Beginnen Sie mit der Erstellung eines Profils und genießen Sie unseren 100% kostenlosen Service. Sie verpassen unter Umständen den Partner, auf den Sie so lange gewartet haben.

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