Dating site punchline

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Below is a graph that shows the optimal ratio M/N as we increase the number of candidates we consider.

There are some interesting observations here: as we increase the number of candidates N that we consider, not only does the optimal probability decreases and see to converge, so does the optimal ratio M/N.

Our next task is to prove the optimality of our strategy and find that minimum threshold.

Let O_best be the arrival order of the best candidate (Mr/Mrs.

And we haven’t addressed the biggest problem of them all: that it’s merely impossible to estimate the total number of viable dating options N.

If I imagine myself spending most of my time chunking codes and writing Medium article about dating in 20 years, how vibrant my social life will be?

While I won't go into graphic detail about the terrible things that can happen when meeting strangers from the internet, at this point we could all stand to benefit from a refresher course on being cautious with people you meet online.

Should you use this strategy to find your lifelong partner?

Does it mean you should swipe left on the first 37 attractive profiles on Tinder before or put the 37 guys who slide into your DMs on ‘seen’? The model provides the optimal solution assuming that you set strict dating rules for yourself: you have to set a specific number of candidates N, you have to come up with a ranking system that guarantees no tie (The idea of ranking people does not sit well with many), and once you reject somebody, you never consider them viable dating option again. Sadly, not everybody is there for you to accept or reject — X, when you meet them, might actually reject you!

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This is a company that works every day to provide security for its users, so taking it seriously when it comes to the security of online dating isn't a stretch.

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