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The dating formula is here: An HF reel would therefore have been made beginning in 1935, a GE reel would have been manufactured starting in 1946, and so on.

There are significantly more examples of these reels remaining in circulation today, which combined with their rougher check system make them not as collectible as the earlier versions manufactured before 1935.

Microfilm: County Histories of the Old Northwest: Indiana. Nonetheless, the -HF and later designation Russells are solid blue-class fly reels that can still be found for less than the price of a new paperback novel.Shakespeare also made these Russells for several other tackle purveyors, so opportunities for collectors are much broader than with the pre-HF versions.My goal for this page is simply to collect existing information from knowledgeable classic fly reel collectors and display it on one page for easier accessibility.If I’ve inadvertently omitted any information, or if you have any corrections to add, please let me know!

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