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’” With those reports, she says, “we can literally see on the day before or after a violent episode how the young women report feeling about their partner.” Although it is too early in the analysis to be definitive, the pediatrician says her research appears to support the premise that romantic relationships of adolescents look different from romantic adult relationships, and that, among other things, adolescents may be more likely to view abuse as a normal part of a relationship, continuing to feel attached to their partners and/or view some of the abusive actions as evidence of love.

Those are crucial distinctions, Bair-Merritt says, because interventions that focus mostly on safety planning and resource connection may not be sufficient.

That abuse can take many forms, from sexual exploitation to physical violence to controlling intimidation to hurtful mind games, and it can start at age 11 or 12.

Studies have shown that in any recent 12-month period, 20 percent of high school girls who are in a relationship have been subject to physical or sexual violence.

It’s a formula that has been proven to help people stop smoking and to reduce drinking, but until now hasn’t been tested with perpetrators of dating violence.

The researchers conducted follow-up interviews three months and six months after the intervention.

For that project, also funded by the NIJ, she and coresearchers from Johns Hopkins University drove through the streets of Baltimore at night and recruited young women in abusive relationships.

“This is a nascent area of intervention research,” the authors wrote, “but one that has the potential to make contributions to how the field identifies more powerful solutions to violence prevention, which is now widely recognized as one of the most urgent public health priorities in the world.” “The survey doesn’t ask if they are a perpetrator,” says Rothman.

Partner violence can come from many directions: it can be perpetrated in person or it can happen virtually.

It can involve a current dating partner or a partner from a long-gone relationship. At BU, two experts who have worked for years on different aspects of intimate partner violence are collaborating to find better ways to do both.

Rothman says it’s too early in their data analysis to claim success, but she is encouraged by what she sees.

She also has evidence from a smaller randomized pilot study of the interview intervention indicating that people subjected to the intervention were more likely than others to use healthy behaviors (talking to friend about concerns before going to a party, asking a buddy to step in if he sees you getting upset or jealous, talking to a doctor about substance abuse) to guard against being abusive.

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