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It includes data on both perpetration and being a victim of violence.The data were obtained using questionnaires completed by university students in all major world regions.Respondents were further asked if they experienced jealousy and exhibited controlling behavior toward their partner.They were then asked about their personal beliefs and attitudes toward others, including how they interact with people. The International Dating Violence Study (IDVS) was conducted by a consortium of researchers in 32 nations.

Respondents were also queried about conflict with, and anger toward, their partners.CH06_1, CH06_2, CH06_3, and CH06_2J (Part 2 and 3), and CH06_3J (Part 3): For these variables, the variable label "STOLEN SOMETHING LESS THAN SINCE 15" is not consistent with the question to which it refers in the questionnaire: "Since age 15, I have stolen something worth more than ." VS04_1: The variable label "As kid saw nonfam adults fight" for this variable in Part 2 and 3 is not consistent with the question to which it refers in the questionnaire: "When I was a kid, I saw a member of my family, who was not my mother or father, push, shove, slap, or throw something at someone." The sample was 17,404.Of these, 3,252 or 18 percent were not in a relationship that lasted at least one month or more.Respondents were asked about their life satisfaction and emotional state, including whether they have had mood swings, as well as feelings of emptiness and/or depression.Suicidal thoughts or statements were also included in the questions.

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