Depressed about dating prospects

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I’ve also been too busy having a great time travelling, and generally experiencing what life has to offer and that daunts some men it seems.Another reason is that I’m not willing to settle for some random fella just to be considered a worthy member of ‘normal’ society.I’d rather stay single and strive for personal happiness than be trapped in a relationship with a man whom I don’t like or respect.What’s wrong with being single and happy, or at least making honest efforts to achieve personal happiness?There are different types of men out there obviously, but I tend to come across certain types often.

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The last thing I want to do is place the reason for my happiness on another person.

More importantly, why is it implied that we are somehow inadequate if we can’t ‘hook’ someone?

Ladies, if you’re like me – single in your late 20s and 30s, heck even older, and you’re hoping to find a good, quality man for the right reasons, then don’t listen to anyone who’s telling you it’s time to find someone and settle down, or that something is wrong with you. I’ve been asked repeatedly and even most recently a few days ago, why I haven’t found someone to settle down with.

Like finding a decent, respectful, caring, honest, ambitious man who’s not apt to jump every tart he sees is easy street.

There’s no outlet where I can shop and get the perfect man to suit my personality.

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