Dictionary dating quotes

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Plus I dunno about them teeth." Origin: Unknown Definition: The art of developing a romantic relationship. Yeah, he makes me laugh, but he's only a pen salesman at the end of the day. " Origin: Boots (other pharmacies are available)Definition: To graft way, way too hard. Used in a sentence: "I'm feeling great vibes between us, so I was wondering if you'd like to come weave a basket with me?When you don't have an author, which is often the case for these types of sources, follow the guidelines on page 176 of the Note: This is an example using Wikipedia, which is updated constantly.

I'll make some nettle tea." Origin: Unknown Definition: A way of describing a person’s type.Used in a sentence: “I'm looking for someone I can have a bit of banter with, you know what I mean?” Origin: Unknown Definition: A great way to start a sentence when you’re about to be incredibly rude about someone. you’re a prick.”Origin: Wales Defintion: To have a cuddle Used in a sentence: "Naked cwtsh anyone?But with 'sie' on the end for absolutely no reason.Used in a sentence: "Alex, that salmon shirt's well cutesie." Origin: Unknown Definition: To ask if somebody understands what you are talking about.

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