Diy updating electrical

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The electrical system in your home has many parts and components to be aware of to ensure a safe home all year long. If you are like most people, you are probably aware of some basic electrical knowledge, such as knowing how to flip a breaker and that water and electricity don’t mix, but there’s also a lot you probably don’t know. As part of your spring cleaning, take some time to inspect your electrical system.Typically, smoke and CO alarm batteries should be replaced once a year.Make sure to replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years.Every home buyer, before officially purchasing a home, will get an inspection.

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One of the more obvious dangers of working with electricity is the possibility of electrocution.Electricians go through extensive training to learn how to deal with electric currents properly, and even then they still make mistakes and end up with injuries.However, if someone with no formal education or training tries to work with electricity, the consequences could be fatal.So we’ve covered the physical dangers of DIY electrical work but what else could go wrong?Because incorrect wiring and electrical work could cause disastrous consequences, in the long run, poor electrical work could make it impossible to sell your home.

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