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Your code looks as if you'd still be using XMLUnit 1.x. I tried bumping to xmlunit-matchers 2.3.0, since I generally do prefer matchers, but it seems like the API is a little bit too different to just switch over, so initially I am moving it to xmlunit-legacy 2.3.0. Maybe there is a way to have the best of both worlds.Still enable all validation, but set the factories up such that all schemas and DTDs are actually loaded locally, for instance, and if the callback doesn't return a DTD, it either fails fast or skips validation.The downside of DOM, of course, is that it's all in memory, and the DOM implementation adds quite a bit to the memory footprint of the data.Let's dive right into code: "); Document Builder Factory dbf = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder db = Document Builder(); Document dom = db.parse(new Input Source(xml)); println("root element name = " Document Element()Node Name()); And that's all you need to parse a simple XML string.If the legacy jar works for you, that would be fine.

There are two terms applied to XML documents that sound the same but have very different meanings: “well-formed” and “valid.” A document is well-formed if it can be parsed by a parser: all the opening elements have corresponding closing elements, text content has been properly escaped, the encoding is correct, and so on.

A “valid” document, by comparison, is one where the document's corresponds to some specification.

A document may be well-formed — and usable — but not valid.

2.x is deliberately very different to 1.x but the legacy project should be a drop-in replacement.

I'm not really sure I want to cut a new 1.x release at all anymore.

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