Does consolidating library do

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Perhaps you can figure out what's going on based on which clips have the problem.Generally it's a good idea when working with external media to keep it in a single location rather than scattered in multiple locations, which can always causes problems.My music — at least for me — is one of those must-backup items; I don't want to have to manually re-build or re-buy thousands of tracks.If you use i Cloud Music Library or the i Tunes Store, you may have some or all of your music stored in the cloud.

If you're not employing a Mac-wide backup service (really, you should get on that), or if you just want to manually back up your i Tunes library separately, here's how to go about that.Once that's done, I consolidate the event files to a separate folder on the ext drive.When I go to open the library on the laptop fromt the ext drive, it's missing about 18 files that are still being referenced on the macpro.Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Though we store more and more of our music online these days, a hard-copy backup is still the gold standard for keeping your data safe.

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