Dreamweaver zes updating site catche

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This scan occurs on any website you have cache enabled.

The cache settings on your Dreamweaver website is useful if you use the Dreamweaver file synchronization.

My problem went away when I made peace with disabling the DW cache. Made some changes in the settings and everything seems fine.

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In Advanced settings, choose Show hidden files and folders.

Once you turn on this option, hidden folders are displayed as dimmed icons to remind you to treat them with care.

Sometimes, deleting this file is not sufficient, and you need to delete your personal configuration folder in its entirety.

Of course, when you move to production, you should keep the file name constant (unless you make changes), to allow caching to occur; cached websites load much faster.

You should never touch the main configuration folder unless you really know what you're doing. The language is usually represented by two pairs of characters separated by an underscore, as in en_US (English), es_ES (Spanish), or fr_FR (French).

Earlier versions of Dreamweaver locate the personal configuration folder in a slightly different location.

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So I changed my css in Dreamweaver and went to sync it with my remote server. When I open the site just locally, all my changes are there.

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